What TLV are doing to minimise the risk

At The Little Village, we have the highest priority for hygiene practices. Our promise to review and deliver on our practices to maintain a healthy and safe environment continues. We have many strategies that have been put in place to address the growing restrictions we are being faced with including: 

  • Educating and reminding our children about covering their coughs and sneezes with their elbows or a tissue and disposing of tissues properly. We are also integrating lessons around how germs cause transmission so children understand how cross-infection occurs
  • Ensuring children are washing their hands often with soap and water, including before and after eating and after going to the toilet.
  • Village staff and parents are asked to wash their hands before and after entering each care environment, and before and after contacting children
  • Using alcohol-based hand sanitisers before using the sign-in/sign-out kiosk
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. We have increased our cleaning routine and have a professional cleaning company whom are intensifying their sanitisation on children surfaces
  • Asking families to stay home if they are sick and to check their children’s symptoms regularly. If there is a runny nose and a cough, please don’t bring them in. We have become stricter with our exclusion policy and for this reason, we reserve the right to contact a family if we feel a child may be exhibiting any symptoms of infection.
  • Restricting visitors to TLV and avoiding prolonged contact with each other. We ask families to limit their presence in the learning environments. Please trust the Zias to settle your children who will phone you for reassurance once your child has settled down. We also ask guardians to restrict the number of people picking up their children.
  • Staff are being asked to avoid contact with others and keeping more than 1.5 metres away from people. If families need to discuss anything with the educators, our Zias are happy to talk on the phone, through The Little Village app, or email.
  • Our Zias are also limiting the resources being put out and are rotating them often. They are cleaning and sanitising frequently used resources, objects and toys.
  • All staff have completed the Department of Health’s COVID-19 online training to stay abreast of recommended and up-to-date practices.

Information for parents regarding application for temporary financial hardship

Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship) is designed to provide short-term support to families who are experiencing significant financial stress due to exceptional circumstances beyond their control. This will help ensure continuity of care for the child and ensure that families are provided with support when they need it most.

To be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship), an individual must:

  • be eligible for Child Care Subsidy
  • be assessed as experiencing temporary financial hardship for circumstances that occurred no more than six months before the application is made
  • have had a substantial reduction in their ability to pay child care fees as a direct result of the temporary financial hardship circumstance.

The provider is not directly involved in the application process but will be notified if Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship) payment is approved for a child enrolled in their service.

Centrelink may also be able to provide advice on other support and assistance based on the family’s circumstances.

The evidence required to support an application may include:

  • independent documentation such as a letter from an employer (for loss of job) or from an independent professional
  • a statutory declaration from the individual outlining the nature of the temporary hardship event
  • a formal declaration of a natural disaster event where the families concerned would be eligible for disaster assistance
  • medical or death certificates.

Guide on how to apply for temporary financial hardship

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