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  • Zia Dena

    Masters in Education / Bachelor of Design in Architecture Director

    “Working in childcare since the age of 14, I have been brought up refining a philosophy for the ideal approach to childcare.”

  • Teta Mary

    Certificate III Village Inspiration

    “Mary’s story is the inspiration behind The Little Village. Read her story here>.”

  • Zia Jess

    Diploma Room Coordinator / Responsible Person / Event and Social Lead

    “I love to watch children grow, learn and laugh. Being part of their development is very fulfilling.”

  • Zia Mary

    Diploma Village Educator / Responsible Person / Indigenous Lead

    “My passion is developing programs suited to each child’s needs, interests and strengths.”

  • Zia Maro

    Bachelor of Early Childhood Education ECT and Educational leader

    “All children have a right to the best start in life, so that they can create a better future for themselves and their community.”

  • Zia Debbie

    Certificate III Nominated Supervisor / Responsible Person / WHS Lead

    “I believe that every child deserves the right to have a beautifully happy, safe and exciting childhood.”

  • Zia Kristine

    Diploma Responsible Person / Medical Management Lead /

    “When educators bring a range of knowledge and experiences it enhances children’s lives.”

  • Zia Nadia

    Certificate III Village Educator

    “I enjoy watching children learn and grow. My goal is to make learning fun for each child.”

  • Zia Mariam

    Diploma Village Educator

    “As an educator, it is my duty to unlock each child’s potential by providing rich and meaningful environments”.

  • Zia Bianca

    Diploma Room Coordinator /Responsible Person/ Health and Wellbeing Lead

    “I became an educator to better understand children in all their forms & abilities.”

  • Zia Char

    Diploma Educator / Inclusion Lead

    “I believe that early childcare & education is so much more than a job – it’s a privilege!”

  • Zia Ashley

    Certificate III Village Educator / Technology Lead

    “My parents are my hero’s. My hobbies include makeup, taking photos, family time, cooking and my favourite dish is pizza”

  • Zia Mercy

    Diploma Casual Educator

    “My hobbies include Interior design and my favourite dish is Stuffed Zucchini and Vine Leaves. My dad is my hero.”

  • Zia Areej

    Diploma Casual Educator

    “It’s very rewarding to work with children. It is like working with angels; you see miracles of discovery everyday”.

  • Zia Emily

    Working towards Cert III Village Support

    “Teaching young children is a responsibility I don’t taken lightly. I want to take students to new levels and watch them grow to be the best they can be”.

  • Zia Stav

    Bachelor -Nutrition and Dietetics Nutritionist

    “I’ve learnt valuable insights into the human body and the links between what we eat and its contribution to a long and happy life.”