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  • Zia Dena

    Zia Dena

    Masters in Education / Bachelor of Design in Architecture Director

    “Working in childcare since the age of 14, I have been brought up refining a philosophy for the ideal approach to childcare.”

  • Teta Mary

    Teta Mary

    Certificate III Village Inspiration

    “Mary’s story is the inspiration behind The Little Village. Read her story here>.”

  • Zia Debbie

    Zia Debbie

    Certificate III Co-Director / Nominated Supervisor / Responsible Person

    “I believe that every child deserves the right to have a beautifully happy, safe and exciting childhood.”

  • Zia Kerri-Anne

    Zia Kerri-Anne

    Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Educational Director

    “I believe that if we nurture curiosity and interests, respect feelings and lead the way with love we lay down the foundations for a future where we all thrive.”

  • Zia Sarah

    Zia Sarah

    Diploma Room Coordinator

    “Being in this industry I have the privilege to help guide/ support children to be who they would like to be”.

  • Zia Nadia

    Zia Nadia

    Certificate III Village Educator

    “I enjoy watching children learn and grow. My goal is to make learning fun for each child.”

  • Zia Areej

    Zia Areej

    Diploma Village Educator

    “It’s very rewarding to work with children. It is like working with angels; you see miracles of discovery everyday”.

  • Zia Bianca

    Zia Bianca

    Diploma Room Coordinator /Responsible Person

    “I became an educator to better understand children in all their forms & abilities.”

  • Zia Blessing

    Zia Blessing

    Certificate III Village Educator

    ” I truly believe that if you nurture a child the right way, they will be better adults tomorrow.”

  • Zia Mercy

    Zia Mercy

    Diploma Village Educator

    “My role as an educator is to respect and support all children’s cultural backgrounds, needs and individual progress.”

  • Zia Charlene

    Zia Char

    Diploma Room Coordinator

    “I believe that early childcare & education is so much more than a job – it’s a privilege!”

  • Zia Umangi

    Zia Umangi

    Diploma Village Educator

    “I believe that as educators we should be focussing on what children can do rather than what children can’t do.”