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We understand your child is the most precious thing in the world to you and we appreciate how overwhelming it is to entrust their care to people you don’t even know. With over 20 years of Early Childhood experience, we understand what it takes to provide the quality care that you are looking for.

School Transition

From Being to Becoming to Belonging. The Little Village Early Learning Centre is an all encompassing approach to Early Learning. To teach a child holistically, we need to approach their education from the individual and then outward to their wider world. We believe that every moment in the child’s life will be an opportunity to learn something new and prepare them for the expectations of school.

Modern Learning Environment

We integrate the latest technology including Smart Boards, iPads and software to provide the skills, knowledge and techniques that may enhance children's learning. You can also follow your child's growth and development daily by utilising our online profiles, which visually documents their progress and links their achievements to the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Intentional and Play Based Early Learning Centre

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