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Your Child

We recognise the family are the children’s first and most influential educators, but we will help you to give them sustenance through our community partnerships, tailored programming and careful consideration of their developing sense of being. They are the children of tomorrow and we want them to be grounded, but aspire to reach new heights. We lead them to the threshold of their own understanding and make their experiences meaningful, to give them a sense of self-esteem and develop positive images of themselves, their interests, their personal future as well as the diverse nature of society.

Your World

We don’t have to build walls to keep our children safe. We should instead band together and share our virtues, our strengths, our aspirations. It is a part of our basic instinct to belong to a community. We will share resources, ideas, strategies. We will provide means for children to explore their world, understand the links between themselves and their cultures and how identities are shaped, how the world is sustained. We will teach, we will learn, we will grow together. We are The Little Village.