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What does the school transition 'learning environment' look like?

Our school transition program is planned and coordinated by a degree-qualified Early Childhood Teacher and delivered by Educators who adopt a stimulated play-based approach to learning. Play-based learning allows children to explore new ideas and test their skills,
thinking and knowledge through trial and error. It equips them with skills needed to adapt to the school environment and their subsequent life journey.

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) will be embedded into the daily program covering all developmental areas of a child’s belonging, being and becoming to make sure they are being nurtured as a whole. This starts from the moment your child enters The Little Village, no matter their age or stage of development. We use the same language for all stages and build upon skills needed for life-long learning.

The Learning Environment is also referred to as the ‘Third Teacher’ (Belong, Being and Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework for Australia). At TLV we offer a variety of learning spaces and experiences planned both inside and outside to encourage freedom of movement and to empower children to make choices as would be typical in a village environment. This is also encouraging independent learning, which is a hallmark of all successful learners.

Extended child-centred learning sessions 

The children choose a learning station that interests them and work with resources and materials tailored to different experiences and learning goals.

Small group sessions and intentional learning

Small group sessions are scheduled each day, in which educators guide children to explore materials and just create. This encourages children to learn from each other and build knowledge and understanding.

Large group sessions 

Working in large groups helps children understand their own learning and develop a sense of belonging and community. It helps children negotiate, turn-take and listen with sustained focus.

Predictable daily routines

Children are encouraged to operate independently through use of predictable daily routines. Using sunscreen, tissues and own drink bottles, allows children to actively participate in their personal care.

It takes a village to raise a child.

This is not just another day-care centre, this is a way of life.

We are The Little Village.