Why Preschool Matters and Where to Find Child Care Centres near Caddens

Early childhood education is essential for young kids. Whether you call it preschool, kindergarten, child care or nursery school, it serves an important purpose: it prepares children for primary school and makes the transition easier. When you enrol your child in a good preschool near Caddens, they will benefit from an educational program that provides a head start towards a bright future.

Child care centres Caddens


Health benefits

Quality child care near Caddens can benefit your child’s physical health as well as their education. Many children attend day care near Caddens, and these children receive the assistance they need to learn and develop.

Learning and development

Children are most receptive to learning new concepts around three years of age. Child care centres near Caddens can help children improve their language and motor skills, as well as the cognitive and learning skills necessary for primary school.

Importance of screenings

One of the great advantages of attending kindergarten near Caddens, is the opportunity to participate in various screenings. These screenings test areas such as health, speech, vision, cognitive development, coordination, hearing and social skills. They can help identify and address any health or developmental issues to prevent learning delays in the future.

Where to find child care centres near Caddens

As an independently owned child care centre near Caddens, The Little Village is made up of a team of people who are passionate about early childhood education and helping children reach their full potential.

We are dedicated to walking alongside you and your child as they grow, learn and begin to make sense of their surroundings. To learn more about how we can help your child form a foundation of learning that will support their entire education, contact The Little Village today.