The Importance of Parental Involvement in Preschool and Where to Find Daycare and Child Care Centres in Penrith

When parents get involved in educational activities at home and in child care settings, they help establish the importance of education as well as developing a helpful network of connections. The preschool years are a critical time for parents to be involved, as these years have the potential to be a springboard for a much easier transition to primary school. Here are some of the benefits of being involved in your preschooler’s educational life at The Little Village, one of the leading child care centres in Penrith.


Daycare and Child Care Centres in Penrith


Connection between home and school

When parents remain involved in their children’s education, they form a connection between school and home. At home, they can replicate and expand on activities from school. Parents have the opportunity to pick up where the school left off, and, if they’re involved on a regular basis they’ll understand what their child needs to work on when it comes to confidence and competency. Ideas instilled in the classroom can inspire home activities which complement what the child is learning in school. Involved parents also learn who their child is friends with, who may be causing trouble for them, and how their child generally gets along in the group.

Healthy development

Early childhood education is just the start of a child’s schooling. When parents get involved, they get a peek into the world of their young child. Discover who your child is, their interests and strengths, and areas that need work. If your child is struggling with some aspect of their education, being involved at school makes it easy to discuss the issue with your child’s teacher.


Child care centres in Penrith


Child care in Penrith at The Little Village

If you’re looking for the right Penrith preschool, The Little Village can help. Our daycare in Penrith is an independently-owned daycare with a strong focus on providing personalised education and care, following the philosophy of ‘village life’, the idea that families in the community should work together to share the challenges of modern life. Our passion is working with families to create the strong foundations from which children grow and thrive. If you’re looking for child care centres in Penrith, contact The Little Village to learn more about what makes us unique.